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Useful Links

Health and Safety Executive
A library of downloadable leaflets regarding work hazards (from Accidents to Zoonoses) and an excellent explanation of risk assessment requirements with a five step guide to carrying out a risk assessment.

Standards and Technical Regulations Directorate
Technical documents that are especially helpful in providing an understanding of the relationship between standards and CEN and how UK regulatory authorities interface with their EU counterparts.

Trading Standards Authority
Get ahead of the game! Find out what your clients' concerns are and how you can best meet their needs.

ESI (Endat Standard Indexes)
ESI provides an efficient way for buyers and sellers in the UK construction and industrial marketplaces to exchange information and develop business relationships.

European Information Network in the UK
A large amount of information about European and EU matters, with gateways for each of the UK regions.

The British Library's Business Information Service
Supports companies large and small by providing access to one of the most comprehensive collections of business information in the UK to help you start, run and grow your business.

British Standards Online
The exclusive, authoritative, and most current site for all BSI publications. If you are looking for British, European, or International standards, look no further.

Building Products Index
Our entry at the Building Products Index.

Slough Community Websites
Slough websites serving the local community.