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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why choose Atlas?
Answer: Please see our Why choose Atlas page.

Question: Would I get trapped in the event of a power-cut?
Answer: All our automation systems have a manual release key which will allow the system to be disconnected and operated manually in case of emergency.

Question: How do I allow access for visitors?
Answer: A multitude of access control systems are available for varying levels of convenience and security, from CCTV or entryphone to a simple numeric coded keypad or card reader. You can even open the gates from your mobile phone if you wish.

Question: Could the mechanism close on a vehicle or a pedestrian?
Answer: All our installations are designed with safety as a primary consideration. Each site is risk assessed and every installation is equipped with multiple safety systems to prevent damage to vehicles or injury to pedestrians.

Question: I think there may be a problem automating my entrance.
Answer: We are confident that our experienced engineering team can design an automation system suitable for any application, we specialise in overcoming problems that others have identified in mechanics or layout. For personal service, contact our advisors by phone, email or fax and we will respond by return with expert free advice.

Question: I am considering automating my gates, why choose an underground system instead of an arm system?
Answer: Both types of operator perform the same function. An underground system is more expensive and takes longer to install but the drive mechanisms are concealed and therefore less obtrusive and less susceptible to damage or abuse.

Question: Are automation systems difficult to install?
Answer: We recommend that the installation of any automation system is carried out by a qualified engineer registered with a government appointed scheme such as Elecsa. Automation systems are generally safe but there have been accidents and even fatalities involving young children. Rest assured, in our 27 year record of thousands of installations, no accidents have occurred involving our equipment.

Question: Can the automation system close automatically without having to re-press my remote control or access control?
Answer: Yes. This is known as an 'automatic' set-up. After fully opening the system will automatically close after an adjustable timed period. A 'Semi- Automatic' set up requires the user to 'trigger' the system to open and close.

Question: What is the difference between hydraulic and electromechanical gate operators?
Answer: Please see our Hydraulic versus Electromechanical page.

Question: How safe are automatic gates?
Answer: Automatic gates and barriers are well proven and accidents involving any sort of injury are infrequent. However, with the number of installations rising rapidly, and particularly those for the protection and safety of private house entrances, safety may sometimes be taken for granted. Users should always ask for a certificate of compliance and ensure that the operating instructions are always fully adhered to.

Question: What measures does Atlas Group take to minimise risk?
Answer: Safety is a very serious issue. As a matter of policy, we assess the risk of every installation and advise of any safety measures that we believe are necessary. We will not proceed with any installation if necessary safety precautions are not put in place.

Question: How many accidents have occurred with people using Atlas installed equipment?
Answer: We are not aware of a single accident and we intend to maintain this unblemished record.

Question: Does the equipment fail very often?
Answer: Access control equipment is inherently very reliable, but breakdowns do sometimes occur and we recommend considering a low-cost maintenance agreement for continued peace of mind.