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Diagnostic Guides

The following information details a sensible and practical approach to diagnosing any technical issues you may have.

A: Get clued up - read the manual first.

B: If in doubt, call the relevant supplier.

C: Don't attempt to guess the fault (unless it's obvious).


  • 1. Interrogate
    Exactly what were the symptoms when the fault first occurred? If the fault is intermittent, don't waste time, make just ONE sensible adjustment and ask the client to call again if the fault re-appears.
  • 2. Evaluate
    If no diagram is available, sketch a rough layout of the installation. Establish a logical plan of action before starting and refer back to it at every stage, ticking off each item tested and found to be OK.
  • 3. Eliminate (find out what does work to eliminate it)
    a. Start with the power supplies - both mains and low voltage. Use a good quality multi-meter and probes to check for appropriate voltages at points on the load side of the fuses.
    b. Bridge safety circuits and disconnect accessories to test the control panel.
    c. Test equipment furthest away first, motors or entryphone etc. (wire components locally and connect direct to supply)
    d. Check each accessory, and its connected wiring/cabling for continuity/short circuit, and reconnect one at a time until the culprit is revealed.
    e. On completion of repairs, test every accessory before leaving site and demonstrate operation to the client's satisfaction.