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specialists in the installation and maintenance of automatic gate operating systems, access automation and parking control barriers for over 25 years

Why Choose Atlas?

When there are many other companies offering similar products, why should you choose Atlas?


  • Our 27 years experience and our design engineering skills provide you with the best value for your money. For example we won a substantial public sector tender recently because we were able to show that the specification was over complicated and unnecessarily costly. Our simpler solution won the day!
  • We solve problems. For example, the development of the Olympic Games site in the East End has required lots of access control installations. We were called in earlier this year to replace an approved installer who had given up trying to make the installation work, We re-designed it and finished the job professionally so that it worked as the customer had intended.
  • You deal with the owners of the business, not "here today, gone tomorrow" staff.
  • We are engineers not salesmen. No hard sell, no compromise on quality and safety, no unpleasant surprises.
  • All Atlas engineers have 20 years or more relevant industry experience and so we can provide a single source of repair and maintenance for all makes of access products, not just those we install. FAAC, BPT, Fadini, Came, SEA, BFT, Siematic, Prastel, AC-magnetic, APT, GAABA, Powerdoor, Centaur and Frontier-Pitts to name a few...
  • Under the ever increasing Health and Safety regulations, company directors can now be held personally liable for accidents involving their company's gates and barriers, many of which we know to be of poor quality or badly installed. Atlas was the first company in the UK to provide technical training for installers, so protect yourself by employing our professional installation, repair and maintenance services, all executed by our very experienced engineers.
  • Much of the electrical work done in your house, and all work done outside, must be completed by a 'competent person' registered with a government appointed scheme such as Elecsa. Our installers have been individually assessed as meeting defined standards and are able to certify their work in compliance with the Building Regulations. Non-compliance carries serious penalties and may cause difficulty when you come to sell your property.