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Atlas Residential Design Service

Atlas are specialists in automatic gate systems for residential applications. Over 25 years pf experience goes into every gate and barrier system designed and installed by the Atlas Group using high quality equipment.

Automatic gate systems need to be carefully planned and expertly installed to ensure they will give you very many years of reliable service under all weather conditions.

Before we visit you to talk through what system would be most suitable you should consider the following points so these can be discussed with our surveyor and taken into account in the system design and costing. The five points to consider before installing an automatic gate:


  • 1. System Design: Why automatic access?
    Is the main concern control or protection, traffic/parking abuse, convenience, privacy, safety, investment etc. The reason for purchase has major implications upon the design of the system and its associated controls.
  • 2. Equipment Selection:
    Is appearance a major consideration or is ruggedness an overriding factor? How much will the system be used and by whom - a few individuals or multiple users? Usage considerations affect the type of operators and the choice of associated control and safety systems.
  • 3. Emergency Provision:
    What will happen in the event of an emergency - will people be trapped? System overrides need to be thought about in the event of a power failure and power back-up or an easy to use manual override is essential.
  • 4. Individual Site Considerations:
    Do any special environmental considerations apply in the area? For example on an exposed coastal site wind resistance might affect performance or in some areas vandalism can be a problem.
  • 5. Safety and Reliability:
    On average, a staggering 10 people per annum die and 750 are injured in UK homes due to poor electrical installations. Part P (electrical safety) of the Building Regulations must be followed if electrical work is being carried out in a home or garden. Our installers are registered as competent and have been assessed to ensure they operate to the high standards required by Part P. Non-compliance carries serious penalties and may cause difficulty when a property is being sold.

Our systems can be fitted to existing gates or new gates. They can swing, slide and have one or more leafs with activation equipment fitted to the gate or underground. Remember also that existing piers may require modification, an electrical supply will be needed as may alterations to the driveway. In a conservation area, or for installation on a listed building planning permission may well be required.

We won't give you sample prices because every installation is different. So if you would like to know more about fitting automatic gates just give us a call and ask for a FREE QUOTE - you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are.

Following acceptance of our quotation it is policy that you will deal with just one person who will be responsible for seeing that our engineers carry out the work as scheduled and to your satisfaction.

Call us now on 01753 696166 to discuss your requirements.