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Buying Guide: Five Points To Consider

Before we visit you to talk through what system would be most suitable you should consider the following points so these can be discussed with our surveyor and taken into account in the system design and costing. The following five important points should be considered before installing an automatic gate:


  • 1. System Design: Why automatic access?
    Is your main concern control or protection, traffic/parking abuse, convenience, privacy, safety, investment, etc? The reason for purchase will have major implications upon the design of your system and its associated controls. Expertise accumulated in 25 years of service puts Atlas in a good position to identify your specific needs effectively and economically.
  • 2. Equipment Selection:
    Is appearance a consideration or is security an overriding factor? How much will the system be used and by whom - will it be used by a relatively few individuals or by multiple users? Usage considerations affect the type of operators and the choice of associated control and safety systems. We are independent and experienced with each of the many different systems on the market and we will only offer clients equipment that has passed our rigorous testing procedure.
  • 3. Emergency Provision:
    What will happen in the event of a power failure or other emergency - will people be trapped? System overrides need to be considered and easy to use manual operation is essential. We can also offer power backup as an option so that in the event of mains failure your system will automatically switch power sources and continue to function.
  • 4. Individual Site Considerations:
    Do any special environmental considerations apply in the area? For example on an exposed coastal site wind resistance might affect performance or in some areas vandalism can be a problem. Our surveyors are innovative and trained to help find you the most reliable solution.
  • 5. Safety and Reliability:
    Will your installer be registered as competent in compliance with Part P of the Building Regulations (electrical safety)? On average, a staggering 10 people per annum die and 750 are injured in UK homes due to poor electrical installations. Part P of the Building Regulations must be followed if electrical work is being carried out in a home or garden. Our installers are registered as competent and have been individually assessed to ensure they operate to the high standards required by Part P. Non-compliance carries serious penalties and may cause difficulty when a property is being sold.